by High Hopes

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released November 8, 2013

Tracked by Aric Ficek
Mixed and Masted by Adam Schwichtenberg
Featured Artists: Ryan Hoffart of Baltic to Boardwalk



all rights reserved


High Hopes Moorhead, Minnesota

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Track Name: About a Town
I drove through my old neighborhood just to see my friends had left
The old bastards, who came for money left us all feeling bereft
Local stores stood vacant, collapsing on themselves
Blocks are filled with broken glass, theres nothing for me now

Cause' they fed us to the wolves
This let down is getting old

And honestly, I never thought it could get any worse than this
I just need some insight for tonight or a few to forget this mess
It's hard enough staying faithful
when the walls are falling down
so here's to all whose left me
Stuck up here in this town

Cause' they fed us to the wolves (they tore us limb to limb)
This let down is getting old (not sure if I can take it)
Track Name: Open for Discussion
I'm watching you fall, apart
All safe and sound, under your doubt
But your insecurities are killing me
Try one more time just to get by

Not a single person in this room, will even care about you
And I'm wondering how long, you can last

I'm not sure if I wanna know the real you
Yet I find myself digging a hole
I'm getting lost from the lack of the light
But you still pretend to blend in

How does it feel to be colorless, in a scene like this
Track Name: Nights Unchanged
Waking up and realizing I'm feeling just the same as yesterday
My rooms a wreck
The walls are moving
I took some meds
The headache's here to stay

Staying sober
Is not enough to keep my thoughts at bay

Broken bottles
And hopeless friends keep my mind awake

And you could say, that things will never change
Because I'm trying so hard to keep my head in the clouds
Over and over, repeating the cycle
We'll live for the nights that we'll never remember

Sometimes I feel like I won't grow up
Sometimes I feel like it's not enough
Track Name: Wake Up
I'll sit in my room with my lights off
I'll think about every crappy thought
Where is my mind, where is my sense in this?
You keep me here with every goodbye kiss
I'm here and i'm not going!
I'm staying and I hope that the words you say to me are true

If I would leave, would you miss me at all?
Would you chase after me, should I have picked up your call?
And all the things that I couldn't replace
I gave up the thought of meeting you face to face

Wake up and smell the roses
Haven't seen you in days, have you even thought of me?
Still drunk, but the thoughts haven't passed
ill regret tonight when you come back

Oh shit, being selfish again
I can't handle being just friends

With every thought I wish I told you to stay, instead of running away
Can I redo my past?
It's just our time, we should make do and mend
I hope this isn't the end
I won't ever forget
Track Name: False Impressions
I'm under false impressions that things will get better
Alone in this dark room apart from sunny weather

You came back home last week and I could see it in your eyes
There was something different or some other guy
And here I sit, still writing songs about you
(Still writing songs about you)

Cause' the truth came out in a silver grand-am
In a mall parking lot when you told me your plan
Such a waste of money
Such a waste of time

I used to believe, that one and one was a plus
Until you messed things up
(I guess i'm not good enough)
I guess i'm not giving up

This is my last confession
about your lost impression
You turned us to stone before we had a chance to last
Track Name: On My Own (Feat. Ryan Hoffart)

I don't know what you felt
But the air in my lungs got tighter
My head felt light and my hands were numb
Do you remember where you came from

And how does it feel to be let down on your own
To lay waste to all that you've known
And I swear its not the end, i'll get on my feet again
I'll walk this path on my own

My imperfections wont slow down my footsteps
(I'll go on)
My mistakes and I won't cross paths
(I'll go on)
Track Name: Capricious
No looking back for fear of falling behind
Under fear that you'll step on my heart or my pride

But I will not be broken
Your misdeeds have been noted
And I cant hold back my tongue anymore

Ill burn down bridges to do what I have to
(I'm over this , let me handle this)
Just open the gates and let me walk through
(Just let me through)

I've got many more steps to take with the story of my own way
No longer, will I rely on you

When looking back was all too tempting
Outrunning the past and where it sent me
I wound up here away from you
(This will go on and on and on)
Track Name: Seasons
The nights are getting longer
Lonely and colder
The season is changing
The air is too cold to hold my breath

And everything i've never seen is haunting my dreams
There's a constant battle of me and my self-esteem

I hold on too much
To repeated thoughts

Something different and I don't know why
As easy as it seems I can't help but think that I
Just need to get out of here
I need to get out of here

And i'll go on
Leaving this town behind
Leaving in the right state of mind
During the changing of seasons

(Watching the leaves fall)